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Meet Victor, a Man of Many Moves*

In our Unaware state, we called him Vic The Prick in that Shonky workplace. He appeared almost perfect on the outside with a radiant cheeky grin, nice slightly crooked white teeth and a good personality - how Looks may deceive - only slight issue was his job: a cunning legal eagle merger banker type. Victor was born with a poisoned stomach, parasites floating around his innards from Day Dot, hidden away in his guts, making their way up to his precious brain cells which were well and truly Fried by the time I/we met him. His health professional gave a diagnosis of Mad Brain Disease with NO MRI scan. Where was the Medical Evidence? See Dr Daniel Amen's opinion on what he learned from 83,000 brain scans. Dr Amen is a Psychiatrist, Brain Disorder Specialist and Best Selling Author.

Victor was addicted to food and all things material. He was a Normal Looking rascal and hypnotised us as surely as the Fairy Lights on Christmas Eve. Bombarded by His Pseudo-Babble.

Pic below is Victor trying to find his way to sanity with Impossible Genes. He had not realised when this pic was taken that his genes could be altered within three months, if he ate properly, and took stock of a few other odds and ends.

Victor ended up having a faecal transplant. Not exactly lunchtime conversation but his mood, psyche, and whole being transformed to a Miracle. He became a new person in his own skin. A Walk-In Maybe.

How did he keep the Demons away though? Easy. He took advice from a Nutritionally Qualified Holistic Doctor. He ate plant based from then on: starting off with tiny amounts of Jujube apples, apricot pulp with shaved kernels, cloves, psyllium husk, dill, parsley, saffron, lavender, rosemary, lemon grass, foods containing magnesium, folate and vitamins B, C, E. Best of all, when he added food grade Organic Diamat@ceous Earth to his diet (half a flat teaspoon every other day with water on an empty stomach two hours before eating, to begin with), his skin, hair, nails, brain and other cells including healthy gut bacteria grew properly, like wild fire burning his passion alive with clarity and foresight. Food 4 Thought eh?

Do you know an apparent monster like Victor who turned into a chillaxed pussy-cat? They're all over the joint in real terms. Waiting to be Found. Professor Norman Doidge's best selling book The Brain that Changes Itself reads more like a thriller but it's True to life with amazing science and medical stories written through brain/body plasticity experiments which shock and stun. I went to see him in person in Perth years ago and you could have heard a pin drop, all day long. He actually carried out some experiments on stage. Science in Motion. What a day. Aw, wish George had been there with me. Quantum Brain Science is just his Thing!

Pic above represents how a small amount of light is all it takes to cast out darkness.

There's a kinda Twist to this Victor story. After I (and other friends) left that employ very disheartened, about two years later an ex but still close boyfriend of mine found himself giving expert IT computer advice to Victor at his posh desk. He twigged it was the same person and said: "I know Hunter K. Smith really well. She used to work with you. Do you remember her?" Victor said, Yeeeeesssss, very slowly, blushing... "Yea, she told me ALL about you." Scared the bejaysus out of Victor, so I was told. That company closed its doors one rainy day soon afterwards and poor Victor would have lost his squillion-dollar paying job. What a shame. Karma is very occasionally best served up Cold. And by someone else. Just Sayin'!

I usually do well at forgiveness. I do believe in Forgive and Forget, but there's always One! Who or What have you forgiven in your life? Tell me your Story at and Thanks for Reading my Blog. If you enjoyed it, Please Share.

PS: I regularly write through my book characters. It was Victor's turn today who is based on a Boss I had over 20 years ago (and other negative situations, rolled into one character). I don't blame Victor one iota. This valuable life lesson from him taught me to tune into my own awareness and to remain focused in my dealings with others. If you would like to read more about this once deviant character, and others, my latest book is titled Creating with a Bang! which received Three 5 Star Reviews from The International Review Panel.

Thanks 4 Listening!


*The Views expressed by Hunter K. Smith in this fictional blog or in any other form or media are based on her own interpretation of 15 years' science and medicine research including The 26 Year China Study and Forks Over Knives DVD. They are personal views only. Please consult a Nutritionally Qualified Doctor, Dentist or Vet for advice and before using (or ingesting) any food, drink, plant, nutrient or natural recipe remedy, on humans and/or animals. Thank You.

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