When Opportunity Knox - Are U The One?*

I am considering selling the rights to my book pictured below, for AUS$333,000.00 (firm). I had a few offers in 2017, one was through a middleman (woman) in Los Angeles, but the timing was off. I have often been told that the book concepts are way ahead of their time. The proposed sale encompasses selling 18+ years of creative knowledge propositions through science/sustainability and other advantageous research, including how my own family went from chronically ill to well again. Of course, hoping to inspire others through our story, if they are interested. There are a host of diverse user-friendly science based convos/blogs/social media posts online with the intention that any reasonable person may see the immense value of making INFORMED decisions thru' their body/mind/spirit/health, and consumer awareness, while saving an absolute fortune in the process. Most importantly, re-learning the sacred connections brought to life by many Aboriginals through the Dreamtime, sentient animals, Tracks, trees, plants, land, air, water, earth and fire. Were the answers here all along? Where. Intuition. Rocks. Moving forward, life changing/clever ideas in the public interest, depends on a few facts: one being, it's not what you know, it's WHO you know! And if you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to splash out on marketing you can almost certainly kiss your indelible idea goodbye. I couldn't be stuffed pitching followers in popularity stakes or Converting anyone. The general public are usually too smart and astute for THAT anyway. They are well able to critically think for themselves IF easy-to-use tools/education are available and presented, with NO 4 Profit Prejudice Attached. ___________________________________ Copyright 2020 Hunter K. Smith Author

The advancement list is long for an adventurous forward thinking person or corporate entity ie. re-printing of new book editions, E-book/audio sales, sequels, English/other language translation rights worldwide, and film/documentary/movie/TV gateways. Also the Best of the Best, if one fronts up to the Frankfurt Book Fair. The opportunities are endless @ AllSet2Go. Does this sound like You? at. No. Regrets.

The book took on a life of it's own and propelled me into many other creative areas which I now enjoy as in mentoring/teaching others how to UN-program The Program, and public speaking. I intend to complete a qualification in Sound Therapy within the next three years. My friend George is looking forward to becoming my first client!

Pic above shows how crucial it might be to listen to each other's stories instead of rattling off mumbo-jumbo indoctrination-type hypnosis, often from Out There in the Marketplace, and put into independent context slick advertising with more than a few multinationals dealing our money from us, for something or other.

How do you sell your visualisations to your employer OR maybe you work for yourself OR maybe you don't work anywhere!? Are Ideas that truly empower us, and in the public interest, way too Hot 2 Handle in society? Tell me your story @ www.hunterksmith.com and thanks for reading my blog. If you enjoyed it, please Share.

Please contact me through my website if you require your Solutions to be considered for this sale, with a Bang! Could you develop these innovations even further at SurpriseSurprise dot com? Hey, The Sky's The Limit.


This Last Blog is dedicated to Irene and Gerry for All the Laughs, Love and Inspiration.

Thank You.


PS: I regularly write through my book characters. Between Carlo, George and Lulu, the world as we know it IS changing for the better. I look forward to the day when my book is made into a movie and Carlo, George and Lulu come to life, this time on screen. If you'd like to read more about them plus other wild and meaningful characters, you'll find them in my latest book which is titled Creating with a Bang! and received Three 5 Star Reviews from The International Review Panel.

My Last Blog

All The Best

Until We Meet Again


*The Views expressed by Hunter K. Smith in this fictional blog or in any other form or media are based on her own interpretation of 18+ years' science and medicine research including The 26 Year China Study and Forks Over Knives DVD. They are personal views only. Please consult a Nutritionally Qualified Doctor, Dentist or Vet for advice and before using (or ingesting) any food, drink, plant, nutrient or natural recipe remedy, on humans and/or animals. Thank You.

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