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Accredited Advanced Sound Therapy

Fully Accredited Advanced Sound Therapist. Do you know that your heart and every other branch of your body beats TO a certain frequency? You ARE Sound/Light and SOUND is everywhere. IT can entrain the body to perfect pitch for a stellar life. See the solid science in Professor Norman Doidge's book, The Brain's Way of Healing, for mind expanding NON-fiction of seemingly miraculous recoveries. Also, good vibrations by Nikola Tesla. Bookings per hour at Hunter's practice in Chittering Western Australia or WhatsApp online. Travel charges apply. These are Ideas Worth Sharing @ Sounds 4 Creation.

What else is possible that you are not aware of yet?

Let Your Adventures Begin Right Here... Digital Gift Cards Available.


If I had to live my life again, I'd connect with you sooner @ Vital Voices.

I produce Advanced Sound which releases stuck toxic energy transforming it to clear harmonic flow swirling through the eons of time, strengthening you. Past, Present & Future. Bookings per hour of Sound. Travel charges apply.

One often needs to FEEL Sound to actually believe it. Examples: Ultrasound, Music Therapy and Acoustic Coherence eg Solfeggio Fork 528Hz.

We are our choices. Today is the day @ Super Sonic Moments & Vital Voices.

When words fail, music speaks. Shakespeare.

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