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Black Diamond

Creating With A Bang!

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This ground-breaking publication is based on true events, backed mostly by independent science with a little poetic licence written in for good measure but written in fully mad fiction where a reader can easily jump into the story line. It's a roller-coaster ride of a funny life-changing excursion from usually sick, wild and overwhelmed, to simply successful - by accident saving the family thousands of dollars.

I am Lulu and creator of Easy Street where people and animals are cured of cancer, heart disease and parasite invasion of the stomach through becoming best friends with the power of knowledge. I am a best-selling author and have over one million followers ...

YOU also have that divine spark of brilliance and YOU can create anything if you so choose. What were you waiting for?  

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Would you believe me if I told you that by living the extraordinary life of George, you could grab control of your body and brains in a heartbeat? That you would never feel sick or depressed again? That you could save thousands of dollars every year by being a clever consumer—would you still believe me?  Ask me how it’s done and I’ll spill the beans. A Show and Tell like no other.


Carlo, Lulu, George, the Men in Black, Robot Joe and Victor live in different time zones and are centuries apart, but are connected through one eternal soul which can go this way or that. Their daily connections alter their lives and the world...  


Follow Lulu’s journey with her friends as she leaves behind a life of sickness and servitude to create a new one of health, wealth and independence. And don’t worry—she’ll share her recipes for well-being with humans and their furry friends along the way!


The answers were here all along.


A masterpiece—bring it to your favourite reading space,

and change your life forever!

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