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Black Diamond

Media Kit

Please note Hunter has had so many gigs since November 2017 that she is (was) unable to keep typing them up every week, but here is a synopsis for parts of 2017 to give you a snippet...

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Creating with a Bang, Book Screenplay/Rights, Documentary and Movie Offers, Contact me @

Published in SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE – 22 November 2017 Fantastic Review and Interview with author Hunter K. Smith for Creating with a Bang

By Kathryn Berryman Author, Sydney Australia Here’s the Link:

Book available through Dymocks Book Shops Australia

Short Story First Impressions of No. 8 published in Analecta Anthology by WriteFree – October 2017 Greenmount, West Australia

Talk with Members of Cancer Support Group – Monday 28 August 2017 at 10am Shire of Chittering, West Australia

Spoke on 88.5FM Radio – Monday 28 August 2017 at 1.30pm

Co-Presenter of HORSE HOTLINE with Diane Bennit, Chairperson, WA Horse Council Ellenbrook, West Australia

Taste of Chittering – Sunday 27 August 2017, 10 to 3pm Book Signing and Knowledge Sharing – limited books available

Featured in Tell Your Own Story: Writing & Me ( 23 August 2017

Irish Publication, based in Dublin Ireland

CurtinFM Radio 100.1 - Tuesday 18 July 2017 at 2.20pm Talk with Jenny Seaton on her Afternoon Show Mosman Park, West Australia

Talk with CWA Members – Wednesday 19 July 2017 Shire of Chittering, Western Australia

Featured in Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre News and Book Shelf

Featured in Northern Valley News June 2017 Issue

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 “…a terrific and entertaining book. It should be in the Top 10 Best Sellers List.”

Raym Smith

 “Creating with a Bang is one of those books you can’t part with…”

Arya Fomonyuy

 “…the kind of fiction that changes lives…

…purpose driven and filled with scientific knowledge…

…The prose is captivating, loaded with insightful passages and stunning images.”

Christian Sia

 “It’s a Must-Read!”

Ruffina Oserio

 “I’ve never, ever read anything like this. Talk about engaging, riveting. Loved, LOVED all the voices…I’ve devoured it in one sitting...

…This is dynamite.”

Mari Maxwell

 “I read it again and again and each time yet another hidden message jumped out at me.”

Sandra Vincent-Guy



Hunter K. Smith was born in Dublin to Irish parents and lived in Dublin until she was just over 30. She has also lived in Sydney (5 years) and Perth Australia. Hunter now spends the working parts of her year in Chittering, Western Australia. She became addicted to travelling in years past and walked the sights of Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and NZ, immersing her in amazing cultures, unforgettable new worlds stretching her brain to capacity.

She worked in the legal field for 20+ years enjoying the evidence base of barristers, and how they came up with smart questions and answers.

Then one day after another, disaster struck. Having suffered years of ill-health, seven miscarriages, chronic skin cancer, and a host of other ailments, she decided to scientifically investigate the foods and drinks that were slowly killing her, not to mention environmental toxins and stress. Guess what, after years of scientific research she found the easy answers and now enjoys sharing the knowledge. A Show and Tell like no other at - reviews of book are on this website and THREE 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE AT

The answers were here all along...



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