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Private Consult

If I had to live my life again, I'd find you sooner!

I produce Advanced Sound which releases stuck energy transforming it to harmonic flow swirling through the eons of time, strengthening you. Past, Present & Future. AU$145 per hour of Sound. Travel charges apply.

One usually needs to FEEL Sound to actually believe it. Examples: Ultrasound and acoustic coherence.

We are our choices. Today is the day @ Super Sonic Moments.

When words fail, music speaks. Shakespeare.

BOOK NOW at with Hunter K. Smith

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For You

Personal Private & Totally Confidential one on one or online consult @ WhatsApp.

AU$275 per hour for sharing my book's so-called "mysteries" to empower you, and maybe even witness your choice of liberation - through opening the eyes from within.

This includes one signed copy of book titled, Creating with a Bang! Are You For Sale?

Not many words here, because each appointment is tailored to your specific needs.

A Show and Tell like no other to inspire the curious mind - Yours.

And remember: Brains are like parachutes - they only function when open. Thomas Dewar.


From me: parts of my family's way past medical dramas which were subsequently fixed.

Zero side effects from huge doses of chemo. 

NO meds now for severe asthma.

Decrease in chronic skin cancer and a ton of other serious maladies.

A story time full of surprises... @ The Reinvention Dimension.


Are you paying attention?! Because paying close attention is how Hunter achieved victory.

4 herself and her family. Also, healthy rescue horses, dogs and other animals. Where Acoustics Rock.


THREE FIVE STAR REVIEWS from International Review Panel and Readers Favourite.

These are ideas worth sharing as stress becomes less.


Be prepared to re-assess everything you think is normal. Change is here NOW. For those who choose... NO spin AND a world of possibilities. 


Are U ready for your Next Adventure?


BOOK NOW at with Hunter K. Smith

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