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Sound Therapy Assists With DNA And Cell Repair*

You are sound and sound is everywhere. Sound is known to assist DNA and cell repair health, chronic pain relief, insomnia (yes, sleeping issues), cognitive clearing, depression, anxiety, PTSD, high blood pressure, stress, autism and so MUCH more using rhythm frequency to entrain the body and brain waves. Animals and plants benefit also. For the science please visit at Resources. OR CTA at OR Contact

Did you know that your voice can be used as Sound therapy? At. Collective. Resonance. And. Heart. Coherence.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 75% water, and WATER is a carrier of sound vibration. Correct specific sound frequencies improve brain wave function. For brain scan science, refer to Dr Daniel Amen or Amen Clinics. Outstanding see-through medicine.

I have written about the 528Hertz core frequency of nature and 7.83Hertz Schumann Resonance Earth's Heartbeat Science in my book Creating With A Bang! Are You For Sale? I invite you to learn more about these particular sounds, if you are not already using them. AND 40Hertz... 4 A. Regeneration. Revolution.

It's good to be writing again. I qualified as an accredited advanced sound therapist last year, a few years' work. I know a lot now of the up-to-date findings which include geometry, maths and wave speak - especially the physics of music - where Songs hum, sway, and sometimes even dance depending on one's view! And cognitive complexity.

From 20+ years of research AND attending clients at my practice in Chittering Western Australia (also WhatsApp online service), many people go from feeling very unwell to fully charged again. How? A Tune Up like no other. Some/most by stripping away amounts of cultural, mental and physical brainwashing that allegedly sometimes comes with being a human. Then, allowing the Sound to harmonise the body, brain and spirit, transforming it to balance through the cosmic symphony. And. That. Syncing. Feeling.

Our bodies KNOW how to heal themselves given the right "stuff", if we are willing to Listen to the Sounds of Now. Are You With Me Still? Because a beautiful world is possible!

All The Best

In Harmony


PS: By design, I use social media very sparingly! I prefer one on one (or a few) interactions with clients, friends and family.

*The Views expressed by Hunter K. Smith in this fictional blog or in any other form or media are based on her own interpretation of more than 18 years' science and medicine research including The 26 Year China Study, Forks Over Knives DVD, and The Game Changers DVD. They are personal views only. Please consult a Nutritionally Qualified Doctor, Dentist or Vet for advice and before using (or ingesting) any food, drink, plant, nutrient or natural recipe remedy, on humans and/or animals. Thank You.


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