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If You Had One WISH For Christmas...*

What would it be? Why do we celebrate Christmas and New Year? Is it tradition, another chance for good luck, presents, family always did it, free food and drinks, religion, no religion but it's a good excuse for a party anyway? What's your ideal Christmas? Or is it the most dreaded day of the calendar year! All that emotion. The Luuuve. God Help Us All!

We tell a lorry load of fibs to our kids about Santa and his precious Reindeers, then stuff the unfortunate dead Turkey's insides with pistachios and flavoured breadcrumbs where its delicate kidneys used to thrive. Not much Compassion ON the dinner table tho'. No Love, Mercy or Peace either for the Pig's grizzly corpse, or chopped up parts thereof, on the Spit. Has consumerism overwhelmed the masses @

This year I'm making a Nut Roast glazed with maple syrup, orange juice and cranberries. The recipe tips are organic: ginger, leek, purple onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, mixed nuts including hazelnuts and macadamias, ground almonds, breadcrumbs, pumpkin seeds, parsnip, nutmeg, rosemary, cumin, parsley, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, plant based cheese, served with lemongrass, tarragon and hemp roast potatoes - cucumber, dill and mint dressing.

This pic represents the Edge of Fiction, where two Santas are, arguably, better than One!

My friend Carlo loves Christmas. It gives him the chance to escape into the waves of energy sounds and re-connect, where Him and George Feel the macro-bursting Colours of Life.

I now understand we make our own Christmas Luck. I used to think good luck fell out of the sky and hit on certain people. I learned later that Action combined with thoughts brings forth a personal Bliss worth living for. We are Impossible Creators. Or are we? Can you see your divinity expanding into Creation, or do you believe what the Other Creators out there tell you to believe?

The pic below shows how to fall on one's drum-kit on Christmas Day. The Body is Key to getting up again.

I wonder what the Turkeys and Pigs wish for at Christmas Time BEFORE we break up their families to celebrate with ours? Maybe there's Karma and life is a kinda super consciousness test to inform or uninform ourselves. When we die, are we met by turkeys, pigs, sheep, cows and their calves? Heavens above. What are we going to say to them then? We just didn't care, all the while shouting from the rooftops about Peace on Earth, Mercy and Goodwill to ALL.

What does the Christmas Spirit and New Year mean to you? Do you give yourself time to enjoy it? Tell me your story @ and thanks for reading my blog. If you enjoyed it, please Share.

PS: I regularly write through my book characters, and George and Carlo are especially thought of at Christmas time because of the high energy load! If you'd like to read more about them plus other wild and meaningful characters, you'll find them in my latest book which is titled Creating with a Bang! and received Three 5 Star Reviews from The International Review Panel.

May the Best of Everything Find Its Way to You

My Wish 4 U is a Happy Christmas


*The Views expressed by Hunter K. Smith in this fictional blog or in any other form or media are based on her own interpretation of 15 years' science and medicine research including The 26 Year China Study and Forks Over Knives DVD. They are personal views only. Please consult a Nutritionally Qualified Doctor, Dentist or Vet for advice and before using (or ingesting) any food, drink, plant, nutrient or natural recipe remedy, on humans and/or animals. Thank You.

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