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What's LOVE got to do with it NOT MUCH it turns out

A Quiver down the Spine, a Kiss on the Lips, Blushing Cherry Red, an Adored Dog's greeting home, Hugs, Truly Listening, Flexible Thinking, Scandalous Thoughts, Care for One and ALL, Pride in our SELECTIVE Values, Love disguised through Rose-coloured glasses gazing at where our Money is Bought. The list goes on.

I Like St Valentine's Day (or Love a Day), always have. Not all the Hoopla attached, but the reminder of a Smiling Face. A Wild, Red Heart beating wildly for my Love, as Nature keeps us spellbound with birds singing freely conveying their songs WHEN we Listen. St Valentine's Day represents in a small way a day of Love for anyone or anything, and God knows we need more of that.

Pic below reminds me of my Best Friend Hot Henry and me. His Listening skills are second to none. When I talk to him I can usually work out my next Move! If he wasn't so handsome and didn't make me Laugh Out Loud every day, I would have thrown him out long ago! There's also his Belly Dancing Body Rhythm. He can dance like a Pro, any night before Dinner. Hip. Swingin'. Surfer. The stupid mistakes I have made in my life but the Smartest Decision EVER was to Hook Up with You. Not bad for a Desperate Housewife!

Why do we Love certain people, things, causes and Dislike/Ignore others? I don't know - SLICK advertising, perhaps - but we need to get a move on and start Protecting the HUNTED isolated animals, Killed and Desired for their Dead chopped-up Flesh, Milk, Cheese and Fur. Yuck. Approximately 60 Billion Innocent animals per year end up on the dinner table and Blood Stained Knives. They don't want to Die. They want to live. They have families to FEED and Babies to Nurse. They feel Love and Pain just like we do. They get scared. They are Sentient Beings. Why aren't they treated as such? Slavery is Alive and Well, until it's Dead. Stop. The. Trade. Propaganda. Hypnosis.

I've had a few Words with my friend George. While he's hanging out with the Butterflies and APPARENTLY staying well away from Action through Scurrilous Change, I'm here Willing his Help. I can't do this without you George. You're IT. My. Funny. Redeemer.

This pic shows that we have massive amounts of Powers at our personal disposal. Why not use THEM for something special, or What Matters?

The Power of One can deeply affect The Big End of Town which depends on Us to Keep Afloat. They are drowning in our Money. Where. Evaded. Tax. Quietly. Fades. Away. In a Mugwump's Moonlit Night.

Equality is not supposed to Hurt in a well-run Democracy. It should be Free like a Wink or a Quivering Heart. Hey, Love Through Action Defines Civilised Beings. Are You One?

Would you like to share a Special Love Story? Tell me about it at and Thanks for reading my Blog.

Shona Lá Vailintín,


*The Views expressed by Hunter K. Smith in this fictional blog or in any other form or media are based on her own interpretation of 15 years' science and medicine research including The 26 Year China Study and Forks Over Knives DVD. They are personal views only. Please consult a Nutritionally Qualified Doctor, Dentist or Vet for advice and before using (or ingesting) any food, drink, plant, nutrient or natural recipe remedy, on humans and/or animals. Thank You.

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